The Platform

Sherpa Stream (formerly Cascade) is a next-gen platform that securely manages, measures and automates video content. Reaching customers, prospects and employees across all devices and locations. Stream consolidates four core video and webcasting capabilities into a single, enterprise grade platform.

Anatomy of a player

Sherpa's players are completely customizable to fit into your company's branding. Rich interactive features such as live Q&A and polling are included out of the box, but can be activated on a case-by-case basis. Synchronized slides can be also be included in the experience. All players are responsive and cross-platform compatible.

Trusted By



Out-of-the-box enterprise-grade encryption and access security ensures secure internal and external delivery of video content.



Sherpa Stream can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, and in both for a hybrid solution. A modern framework allows the platform to operate in "video challenged" network environments, resulting in secure, high quality internal video experiences.

Extensive integrations


Take down the silos! Modern, extensible architecture and an extensive API framework promotes integration to all of your existing systems and data.

Business Intelligence


See the story behind the story with actionable "Beyond-the-Click" analytics and business intelligence. In today's world it's not enough to know how many people have watched your content, you need to know who watched it and why. Integrate into your existing B.I. and marketing automation platforms for a winning strategy.

User Experience


Give your audience the experience they deserve. Users are accustomed to modern, top-quality video on the consumer side —  so why should their experience suffer within the enterprise? Sherpa Stream runs seamlessly in all environments and on all devices, delivering high quality experiences both inside and outside company walls.


Sherpa Stream is ready for the future with the only VR, AR and 4K ready player for the enterprise.

Exceed Today's Video Requirements


Give your video team the powerful tools they need to be successful. Sherpa Stream offers a modern UI that centrally controls all content — live webcasts and on-demand videos. A robust live dashboard contains all the tools a production team needs to run a successful, no-fail show every time. Moderators can manage interactive features such as live Q&A and polling from a tablet or smart phone.



Sherpa has built very powerful tools for video streaming. However, in the world of enterprise, one size doesn't always fit all. Our team of dedicated engineers and system architects can help fit our solutions to your organization's unique needs.



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